Friday, June 27, 2008

Week 8 - El Comal

El Comal
North Park

Eater #1 – Azteca Taco, Adobada Quesadilla, Horchata
The place looked great, brightly painted walls and a well stocked bar. The food looked great. The cactus tasted OK, kinda smoky… but the chips were greasy. The beef was marginal - no real flavor, . The salsa’s were really good, expecially the green – way spicy and flavorful.

If you have never had a traditional quesadilla – these are not what you expect. Deep fried with queso blanco, sour cream (I think) and cotjia cheese. El Comal had a few different ones, I ordered one stuffed with Adobado. The pork was tender and spicy – but I couldn’t get over the grease. I can still smell the canola oil that they drenched it in.

Oh well.

Eater #2 - Adobada Taco, Beef Gordita
El Comal in North Park San Di-fucking-ego was a great looking little spot tucked in between condos and old houses. The place from the outside looked like it could have been a dry cleaners. But once you walk in the bright colored walls and full bar shelved full of tequila grabs your attention like a little kid selling gum in Rosarito pulling at your shirt, you have to say "No gracias" since it's still a work day. The waitress delivered three tasty salsas ranging from a mild red to a spicy green. Just about everything besides the goat meat on the menu sounded good, but I finally settled on the adobada taco and a beef 'gordita' that was like a shredded beef meat bun in a tortilla. The texture of the tortilla was great, it was soft, thick, and little crispy, crispy on the outside, like a sunburned fat chick. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere was great besides the 6' 2'' 250lbs sheman sitting behind me eye fucking what I hope was my taco. , I think it would be a neat place for a happy hour taco and vodka. Mahalo. God save the Queen.


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