Friday, June 20, 2008

Week 7 - Chiquita's

Home Ave near 805 and 94

Eater #1 - Carne Asada Taco with Guacamole and Civiche Tostada
Chiquita’s is one of my favorite restaurants. I have been there many times before. The only disappointment today was that I didn’t order a beer. Damn, a Negra Modello would have been just the thing after a shitty week like this one was.

The chips, salsa and hot carrots came first. They pull the chips screaming out of the hot oil, a dash of salt and they are in front of you… tasty, but too hot to touch. The salsa was “salsa fresca” with plenty of cilantro. Good carrots, too.

I love good civiche, and Chiquita’s is the best. The fish was firm and flavorful, mixed with nice tomatoes and other stuff. If you haven’t tried chiviche, do. Don’t be a sissy. The carne asada was perfect. Thin slices of seasoned beef , tomatoes, lettuce, cotija cheese and Chiquita’s quacamole. The tacos are pretty damn big here, 2 would have killed me.

Kicking it by the fountain on the patio, eating tacos… that is the way to start a weekend.
Eater #2 - Combo: chili rellano, cheese enchilada and carne asada taco
Uh, when you say next door, do you mean Chili's or Flingers? Neither I mean the patio at Chiquita's. When you walk in you're greeted by a full bar with all local looking riff raff, no Zoneys. (Go home Zoneys!) Rather than walking straight to the patio I walked straight to the pisser, where they had a witty piece of prose next to the urinal.
On a beautiful sunny day like today I thought, "Fuck I don't want to go back to the office!", but the patio at Chiquita's eased my worries as I slouched into the iron chair. The combo I had was a chili rellano, cheese enchilada and carne asada taco. All three were well above par and the green creamy chili rellano sauce was the first of its kind for me and was a pleasant surprise, and was the best part of the dish.
I would definitely go back and I put Chiquita's towards the top of the Taco Friday list. Mahalo. God save the Queen.
(is it time to start the weekend yet)

Eater #3 - Combo: chili rellano, chicken enchilada and carne asada taco
I agree that the slightly creamy light green sauce on the chile rellano was a very yummy surprise and probably my favorite part. Although the chicken enchilada was very good too, it was all smothered with a bit too much cheese, but it all tasted good. The carne asada taco was sub-par, especially in comparison to the yumminess of everything else. The meat was chewy, and it was overall pretty bland. But, the rest of the food was so filling I didn't eat the taco and was still overly filled. I think its a bit lame that their 'combos' don't come with beans and rice, and that you have to order chips - even though they bring you salsa (and spicy carrots) automatically, like you are going to just sit there and stare at the salsa with nothing to eat it with.
Sadly there was no witty prose, or funny pictures in the women's bathroom there is a full size mirror which can (sometimes?) be nice.

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