Friday, June 13, 2008

Week 6 - El Borrego

El Borrego “The Sheep” Taco Shop
Near Pearson Ford at Fairmont and El Cajon

Eater #1 - Lamb taco, lamb rolled taco, quesadilla, horchata.
I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the door at El Borrego. Clean, inviting atmosphere. While I waited I had time to check out the Mexican handcrafts that decorated the walls. The woman behind the counter was very sweet, we expected to order at the counter, but she shooed us back to our table and took our order there.

The presentation was excellent. She placed a big earthenware bowl full of cilantro, limes and onions on the table and then brought the food.

The rice was killer, the “salad” of tomatoes, pickled peppers and queso blanco was damn good. The lamb taco, rolled taco and the quesadilla were not good at all. It might be that I just don’t like lamb, but it was like eating carnitas that had gone strange. The sour cream on the rolled taco was all soupy. The meat was nicely prepared, but I couldn’t get past the taste.

Nice people, nice place – I won’t be back.
- Oh, the bathroom was nice, too. Not funky at all, especially compared to other taco shops.

Eater #2 - Lamb taco, lamb rolled taco, quesadilla, horchata.
I don't like lamb. I liked the restaurant with the bright colors and decorations. The best part of the food was the rice. I gotta say it was the best taco shop rice I've had in a long time. Because all they had was barbacoa (lamb) the options were limited. The combo of a taco, rolled taco, quesadilla, rice and chili salad was the order of the day. I appreciate the effort and presentation, but lamb just aint my thing. I'm glad I tried it, but I wont be going back. Mahalo. God save the Queen.


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