Friday, September 26, 2008

Week 15 - JV's

JV'S Mexican Food
Morena Blvd.

Eater #1 - Beef taco, Beans, Horchata
The beans at JVs are pretty damn good... and hot. The taco was huge, the lettuce, cheese and tomatoes were nice, but the beef was just OK. Not a bad joint overall.

damn it was a perfect day to sit outside and eat tacos. 

Eater #5 - Super salad
JVS Mexican Food is a little taco shop in the corner of a tiny strip mall. I got a "Super Salad." It had large pieces of pollo asada on top of shredded lettuce and tomatoes. On top of the pollo was guacamole, sour cream and cheese. It was so good and just the right size. I would love to go back there on a perfect day like today. 

Eater #6 - Quesadilla
This quesadilla was just simple. Nothing special about it. But it was the best simple quesadilla I have ever had. It was the perfect hangover quesadilla. The tortilla was crispy and a little flaky and it had the perfect amount of cheese on it. Not an inch thick and not very greasy at all. The only thing I would add is a side of sour cream. I will be sure to go get this quesadilla the next time I am hungover. Maybe November 2nd.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Week 14 - Ranchos Cocina

Ranchos Cocina
Ocean Beach on Sunset Cliffs

Eater #1 Civiche tostada, beans, Negra Modelo
I was suprised at how big the place was on the inside. The place looked killer, There was a section of the wall dedicated to "Fridas". The salsa that came with the chips was a little scooby, but I ate it anyways. Once the waiter brought the tray with all of our food I knew that I was in the right place (actually after I got my beer I was in the right place) from the smell. The civiche was damn good - the fish was nice and firm, after a splash of tapatio it was so good. Lots of lemon juice. The beans at Rancho Cocina are the real deal - I know that they specialize in vegitarian dishes, but these tasted like there was lard in them (the right way to make re-frys).

Eater #2 - Huevos rancheros
Vegans cook good meat
Huevos rancheros muy bueno
Next time sit on deck.

Eater #3 - MIA, somewhere in a book

Eater #4 - Potato rolled tacos
One word? Yum. This taco shop seemed quaint with the burlap ceiling tiles and vine stenciled archways. Yet it opened into a massive dining area with covered patio, all wonderfully decorated. The space allowed diners to eat without being bumped by other guests or over hearing needless conversations. Something that is hard to avoid in OB. The menu is expansive and we've decided to give this place more attention as the year continues. I ate the potato taquitos, and LOVED them. Three taquitos covered in guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. We all know size matters, and you won't be disappointed here. The tacos and burritos were huge and yummy, especially for the price. The staff was gracious, attentive, and courteous. I can't wait for our next visit here!

Eater #5 - MIA (pending?)

Eater #6 - Vegan Burrito
Decor and environment was nice. Lots to look at. There is a lot on the menu to choose from. I had the vegan burrito, which had black beans, rice, guac, and lettuce on a wheat tortilla. It was huge. I only ate 1/4 of it. It came with some sort of shredded veggies on the side. I think they were more for looks though. I didn't eat them. The chips were good, but the salsa was too hot for me. It took too long to get our food and to pay the bill, but maybe that was because they had to do 6 separate bills. I would go there again.

Eater #7 - Pineapple tamale and eggplant enchilada
Atmosphere: It's decor consisted of a mix-match of everything from mirrors, to chairs, to their bowls, to the wall color. The decorator knew it wasn't going to match but this is way it's supposed to be. Laid back, fun colors, polite and attentive staff, and there's a hint of Mexican culture mixed with everything in their very large dining area.
Food: The chips were crisp and the salsa delicious. Spicy, chunks of tomato, taste of hot pepper ... lots of flavor. The menu contained an abundance of choices. Starting with your basic taco ... all the way to the vegan enchilada. It truly is a vegetarian's Mexican food restaurant dream. I ordered the pineapple tamale and eggplant enchilada. Portions sizes are large, so you're getting your money's worth here. The pineapple tamale contained the sweetness of pineapple juice mixed with masa and topped with warm pineapple. Add a little salsa ... and the mixture of flavors was a perfect combination. The vegan enchilada contained diced up chunks of flavorful seasoned eggplant all wrapped up in a wheat tortilla, topped with melted white cheese. Pure Yumminess!!!
When are we going back???


Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 13 - Clayton’s Mexican Take-Out

Clayton’s Mexican Take-Out
Coronado - on Orange at 10th

Eater #1 - Shredded Beef Taco, Nachos
The place was tiny - just a little more than a walkup and order. I was impressed by the look of the produce, one of the cooks carried a load of fresh cilantro and onions through from a side door... and the smell of the cooking carne asada was pretty damn good. The tacos were OK, greasy and the beef was a wet lump in the bottom of the shell, but the lettuce and tomatoes were nice. The nachos were simply cheddar and chips, exactly what I wanted.
Good salsa - the red was pretty thick & spicy and the green was perfect - a little spice and alot of tomatillo flavor.
The fact that they only take a card if you spend $7 or more was a pain in the ass.
I'll probably go back, but only if I find myself starving after messing around with my kids at East Park.
Eater #2 - MIA
Eater #5 - Carne asada taco, rice.
Mexican Take Out was a cute little "to go" taco shop. It was in the middle of beautiful Coronado and since it's not a sit down restaurant, you are forced to eat at the park, on a bench or at the beach & enjoy the scenery. The carne asada taco was huge and full of flavor. The side of rice was the smallest side of rice I've ever seen, but it was good. I would definitely eat there again if I was in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again.
Eater #7 Chicken rolled tacos and guacamole
Atmosphere: Place your order at the door, take a step to the left and your food will be handed to you ... well, maybe 5-10 minutes later. It's purely a take-out joint, so don't plan on eating and dining ... but there's a park down a few blocks.
Food: For how long it took to make the tacos, I'm not sure I was completely impressed. But they were rolled tacos ... how impressed should I be? They were topped with chopped tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole. The cheese was not melted. And the tomatoes might as well not have been on the tacos. Filled w/ shredded chicken ... but it wasn't overflowing. Guacamole was ok.
But the hot sauce was probably the tastiest part of the whole meal.