Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 9

El Sol
North Park

Eater #1 – Shrimp Taco and Carnitas Taco, Horchata
El Sol is a little hole in the wall on University near Florida. You wouldn’t expect the damn good tacos that are to be had by looking at the outside of the building. The shrimp taco was stuffed with nice big shrimp, cheese, onions and bell peppers – all seasoned with black pepper and other spices – it was really rich, and I loved it. The carnitas were pretty good, the pork was a little tough, not soft and stringy like I like it, but the quacamole was perfect – good guacamole goes a long way. The waiter was a nice guy, but the service was a little slow – but what do you expect when the food is that well prepared? Another nice touch was the “real” plates, glasses and silverware. El Sol could have easily been a paper plate and plastic fork kinda joint.

I’m going back, I’ll bet that the pollo kills.

Eater #2 - m i a
Eater #4 - m i a

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