Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 10 - Don Lucio's Taco Shop II‎

Don Lucio's Taco Shop II‎
Mira Mesa

Eater #1 - Horchata and a Beef Taco
Too sick to eat - bailed home. The Horchata was rancid. The joint was funky. The only reason we went there was to bring lunch to Eater #6's casa - she is down after having Hip Dysplasia surgery.

Eater #2 - some kinda combo
Shitty soggy rolled tacos and the beans must have been imported from the Fumunda region of Mexico. The best thing about them is they had a credit card machine.

Eater #4 - Chicken Taco - Mexican Coke
Soggy fall apart chicken taco. No real veggies, more soggy. Long wait, scary decor...BUT they did sell coke in a bottle.

Eater #5 - Chicken Taco, beans and Rice
I thought the Pollo Asado Taco was pretty bland. The beans were awful, but the rice was pretty good. I liked that they had a credit card machine. The place was kinda dingy and smelly. The lady overcharged my credit card for my taco, but later gave me $1.25 cash.

Eater #6 - Some kinda taco, Mexican Coke
my taco tasted good, but was mushy. Where is this place so I know not to go there. ;)

No Pictures. Unless Eater #6 agrees to posting pix of her scar!

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