Friday, April 25, 2008

Week 3 - Porkyland

PorkyLand - Barrio Logan -

Eater #1: 3 Mini tacos - Buche, Al Pastor, Carnitas.
Ok – This week was supposed to be El Carrito, but the damn place is closed. We ended up at Porkyland… it’s on the same block as El Carrito and looked promising. Nice place. The walls were painted in bright colors and the people were friendly. You could see right into the open kitchen, were there was this huge (I guess) fire pit oven that was not being used. The salsa bar had red, green and salsa fresca. None of that damn roasted chipotle in sight (good). There was also a big bowl of cilantro mixed with onions and a bowl of cut up limes.

While waiting for Eater #2 to order I noticed something I’d never heard of on the menu. “Buche” - sounded like maybe it was some kinda sweet taco. I asked the girl behind the counter what it was. She says “It’s, uh, pork, umm” and rubbed her stomach. I had to try it. I ordered 3 mini tacos – Buche, Al Pastor and Carnitas.

The tacos looked really good when they arrived, just juicy enough without being too wet. It was just the meat in a tiny corn tortilla – you added what you wanted from the salsa bar – just the way it should be.

I dove into the Buche taco – ½ of it in 1 bite. Tender, flavorfull, chew a little more, distinct ass taste. I guess I’m a little too white for the Buche, I had to spit it into my napkin…but I’m betting that if I had grown up eating the stuff, it would have been excellent.

The Carnitas was next. Nice, shredded pork – it went really well with the green salsa, line juice and cilantro/ onions.

I love Al Pastor, and the ones at Porkyland were damn good. The meat was moist, the corn tortillas are good and it was seasoned perfectly – Go there for the Al Pastor – it kills.

Great day in San Diego to sit outside and eat tacos… just avoid the pig tummy.

Eater #2: 2 tacos Al Pastor, rice and beans. Coke.
Taco time plus 20 minutes and I have no rumbling in the bowels. That means quality tacos for Porkyland. The al-pastor combo with rice and beans is sitting nice and was a tasty treat for the 2 minutes it took to woof it down. The meat was tender, juicy, and the salsa verde complemented it well. The rice and beans need some more work rather than just opening a can of Rosarita. Not my first choice to go back too, but I would recommend the al-pastor taco. Mahalo & God save the Queen.


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